Published December 18, 2015 by jusdanii

      It’s what’s you desire for but you don’t understand it till the day he tells you to take your clothes off..  you give him your all. He pretends to love you while he caress your body but behind  close doors he tells his friends “She’s Hoe.” After he gets what he wants from you, you stops getting those text that made you smile, “what’s up beautiful.” You start thinking it was You , but in reality it was him he just wanted a good nut and you fell for it. Couple weeks later you find out that , that your having his baby all because yall FORGOT to use protection… you tell him that he’s going to be a dad and instead of being mature about the situation he calls you A Bitch a hoe tells you were just fuck.. now you’re thinking does life even matter? Should I keep going? You put your all in and he made you forget your worth. .


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