Letter To My Ex

Published December 21, 2015 by jusdanii

Maybe one more chance please I won’t … ” that was me begging you to stay with me but you didn’t care till it was you who missed me. I honestly hope that you’re okay and that’s just because I’m sympathetic .. I was going through old messages and I hate that It seem like I was the problem you always short talking me talking to me as though I was your child .. you disrespected me so many times. Made me forget my worth and I’m still curious to know what in the fuck did I truly see in you? Oh is it because you were beautiful on the outside? I hope I didn’t fall in love with your inside because you are a PIG and I don’t say that to make you feel bad I’m speaking the god honest truth. I cared so much that you called my love for you ”


“? you rejected me on so many levels that it hurts. And I’m tired of crying over someone who’s to blindfold to notice me.. I hate it.. I hate that I love you and you love her. You say you stayed with me when I was ill but blocked me off social media rejected my calls when I got out the hospital I hated the feeling of not being wanted by the only person I loved. The person I gave everything. and I don’t ask for much I don’t I only wanted to be loved. I treated you like my king even though I should of sweep the floor with you as if you were my peasant.


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