Published December 22, 2015 by jusdanii

We were each others everything once upon time ago .
We went from “I love you” to
“I can’t stand that mother fucker”
don’t you ever wonder how it would of turned out if we even tried a little harder?
I always find myself thinking about you and you would say it wasn’t you who I missed it was the “THOUGHT OF YOU.”
Which I think is totally bullshit because you have no fucking clue how I felt do you?
I’m always chasing and thinking bout a Bitch who’s to coward to realize that I was good to her.
And I don’t mean to call you a Bitch you know I would never disrespect you that way I just think it’s the way you handle things.
If you were homeless I sheltered you , I  fed you.
.why does it take me writing how i feel for me to come my senses but when I think of you its oh no I loved her she did right by me.
You fucking did right by the bitches you left me for.
Got mad when I found someone new.
 But you forgot to mention to me that you left me for “Someone New.”



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