This Is Getting Old

Published December 22, 2015 by jusdanii

Once I gave you the power you abused it. You hurt me  and I’m the one left with the mental scars.
And sorry if I ever hurt you just know I never intended to.
I saw potential in you.
That’s why I tried to pursue something with you.
But you didn’t give a darn fuck how I felt
Did you?
When everyone downed you I up lefted you.
Praised you as if you were a God.
And now I’m having to deal with the bull crap.
I never really understood that.
How could I  love you and you could just play me for a fool.
Like I feel as though you’re very fraud.
But I don’t blame you because I’m still talking about you.
Giving you the camera and the lights and saying “Here’s the action.”


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