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Published January 13, 2016 by jusdanii

Once you have taken someone’s heart for granted don’t get upset once some one else starts to love them.

It’s not my fault it’s all yours cussing and screaming telling her how she’s nothing with out you.


You’re wrong she’s everything without you , and she’ll understand that one day when she leaves you.

She deserves better than you , and she’ll find someone to love her better


She’s tired of crying over you and she’s also tired of hearing you say

no don’t go I’ll change.

But you never do


don’t get mad once someone starts to love what you took granted.


I’m okay

Published January 5, 2016 by jusdanii

Tracing my steps , but I can’t seem to understand or find a clue on why you left.
I’m speechless cause when we met we connected on a different level.
If you were to ask me you were the one. . But than again I could barely see the truth through your bullshit.
I was wearing my heart on my sleeve back then. You could of robbed me blind and I’d point the finger at the next man say “Not My Baby.” Took you three days to get over me but it took me nearly half a decadeĀ  to move on from you. . . I’m still tracing my steps to figure out what it was about you that drew me close to you why did I want it back for so long? Shit gets old I’m tired of reminiscing on the past. Are you good? Cause I’m fine


Published January 4, 2016 by jusdanii

Same shit just a different day.
No makeup can cover the scars that’s were left on my fragile heart.
No I’m sorry can cover the fact that you hurt me.
Moving on never felt better shit took you 3 days just to forget me shit took me 3 years nearly half a decade to get you off my mind.
Maybe this was the man up stairs plan it was my turn to feel hurt.
Screw that mess screw being hurt over a
I really sat here thinking “Damn I messed up ol girl didn’t deserve any of that.” But in reality it wasn’t me it was you.
But you know what I’m taking my happiness back and I’m going to move on with my life because you weren’t always there when winds Cracked

My Food For Thought

Published January 2, 2016 by jusdanii

Why is this so complicated.
I’m trying I really am but it’s just uhh
I literally left for reason and it’s like I keep coming back to this spot where I’m fucked up. .
They don’t understand.
They rather question how I feel
but it’s okay it’s whatever.
I’m going to act like im covering this up with tattoo just so y’allĀ  can assume it was an ex’s name.
In reality I’m having my tea scrolling through the bullshit laughing here & there.
Closing my bedroom door thinking “Why keep pushing?”