Why do Fools Fall in (♡)

Published February 3, 2016 by jusdanii

We all tend to fall in love with the Wrong guy the one we call “Mr.Perfect.” The one we’re to blind to see doing anything Wrong but that’s the same guy who cheats on us  but we tend  forgive and accept aplogizes that he takes for granted … we love him to point where we start to cut the people who really matter off.. He claims to love’s us but he isn’t will to cut all ties with his “Ex’s?”umm interesting. There’s more missed calls then there’s every been because he’s with “her.”and you’re  to blind to notice that he’s just with You because he can’t have her the way he has You. She’s not dumb she has standards. And you wait just a second because I’m not saying that you don’t have none these I’m just saying you’re  clueless because you’re in love with a fool. And why do fools fall in love? Still reminds a mystery.


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