Throw back

Published August 7, 2016 by jusdanii

​I’m not going speak bad about anyone but  hey if the truth slips out it happens..  Do you remember when I was once you’re everything; well that’s what you told me I’m jus so hurt at this moment because I trusted you… I guess you can say I loved you, love you whatever… Nick names was a part of the memories we shared… we fought about little things , things that I know I wish I could take back but you can’t take back the past , so keep it present.. I’m not going say your were best relationship or my worst because I haven’t lived my whole life yet… you had me doing thing I’d thought I’d never do .. I thought you’d be my Clyde and I your Bonnie. I look back at us and I smile because without you I wouldn’t have learned that I deserve better in my life. You can say now I set high standards. I hate you but at the same time I can’t stop thinking about you… You remember when …? let’s not go there .. I loved you through the good and the bad…  I guess I fell for looks instead of personality because I was fooled by your beauty not your character. I have nothing left to say about you because our camera time has EXPIRED.. People ask me all the time about love and MY response is that it’s the same thing as death.. Everything turns into nothing. Sorrow becomes happiness..  but Tattoos won’t cover up scars but only change appearance.. And we were just a chapter in a book.


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