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Published October 25, 2016 by jusdanii

​When I love I love with my heart. I dont play games I don’t do those things. I’ve been hurt so many times its like why keep going? But they say you gotta look at the positive things in life and let the negative ones go. I believed him when he said he was  sorry but then again I was the fool left with the pity. It was like he had blind folded me and said “Baby I won’t do it again I promise ” but when i took the blind fold off i  couldn’t help but be amazed  “how dare you creep in my bed my sheets where I sleep. How dare you break our so called happy home by bringing this so called one night stand into my house. Am I not good enough for you? Am i not worthy enough  that you rather break my heart so you can get what a nut?


Strangers Again

Published October 25, 2016 by jusdanii

​This is tough because its no longer you I worry about. Shoot I wish it was but than again I don’t. But since we’re on the topic; how are you? Hows the kids? How are you coping?? I know you always complained about not being happy so are you now? Im doing fine if you wondered but if youre anything like me you don’t even care. We are once again stranger’s so if I were to bring up the past it would mean nothing because you are not the person you were in 08′..  the memories we once shared are just you know what a thing of the past… but just to clear the air I don’t love you anymore… eight years later and I’m wiser than I was.. anyhoo Whats Up?