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Will You……?

Published November 11, 2016 by jusdanii

I can’t help but think of the day where you got on bended knee and told me “I love you more than words could ever express more than I love my mom’s mac. You bring the best out of me and I just don’t see me living life without you.  Baby girl you’re worth every diamond every pearl and even every part of my heart Ana will you marry me?”  I replay this day in my head once a day because now that you and I are no longer together I struggle with who I am. I thought that maybe you’d call by now but now I’m watching our future plans become someone else’s. And now she’s pregnant? And I wonder how did six years go in the drain? How did she become your queen and I your peasant? Truth is if you and I were meant to be you’d be in my bed when I wake up not hers. I fell madly in love with you so it tears my heart that you love another woman.  I loved you for who you were not who you became. Who are you cause I can’t figure it out anymore. You love another woman and I just can’t.  I faced too much I do too much and everything I’ve done was for you.


Strangers Again

Published October 25, 2016 by jusdanii

​This is tough because its no longer you I worry about. Shoot I wish it was but than again I don’t. But since we’re on the topic; how are you? Hows the kids? How are you coping?? I know you always complained about not being happy so are you now? Im doing fine if you wondered but if youre anything like me you don’t even care. We are once again stranger’s so if I were to bring up the past it would mean nothing because you are not the person you were in 08′..  the memories we once shared are just you know what a thing of the past… but just to clear the air I don’t love you anymore… eight years later and I’m wiser than I was.. anyhoo Whats Up?